PLAYING FOR CHARLIE (M) (2008) [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2008 , Homegrown)
Director: Pene Patrick

Carrying the world on your shoulders is difficult when you're only 16.

A drama lived through the eyes of an adolescent. Tony Hobb is not your average 16-year-old - after the death of his father he's left to not only look after his infant brother Charlie but also to care for mum. Juggling school, part-time work and an overwhelming passion for rugby, Tony is caught between familial duty and his dreams of the future. When given the opportunity to try out for the State Schoolboys rugby team Tony's life is changed forever.

Original soundtrack by Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard (who also scored Whale Rider and Gladiator).

Pene Patrick, Franziska Wagenfeld, Jared Daperis and Shane Connor are guests of the festival.
D/S Pene Patrick P Franziska Wagenfeld WS Queen Ant Films TD 35mm/2008/97mins

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