CLOUD 9 (2008) [feature]

Germany (MIFF 2008 , Forbidden Pleasures)
Director: Andreas Dresen

Love hurts - even when you're over 60.

Sixty-something seamstress Inge is thrown into a torrid love affair after bringing a pair of pants she altered to their owner, the affable 76-year-old Karl. The problem is she's still in love with her husband of 30 years, Werner, a man whose greatest hobby is listening to recordings of locomotives in the evenings.
With the unbridled passion of 20-year-olds, Inge and Karl's explicit trysts cause a rift in Inge's marriage, forcing her to choose between her life-long love and a new infatuation.
"In the end, Cloud 9 is a film not only about love and sexuality between old-aged people, but it is also a very normal story about love and pain and how difficult it is to withstand the terror of love." - filmmaker Andreas Dresen
Winner of the Un Certain Regards Heart Throb Jury Prize at Cannes this year.

D Andreas Dresen P Peter Rommel S Andreas Dresen, Laila Stieler WS The Match Factory L German w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008/97mins

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