WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (R) (1971) [feature]

Yugoslavia, West Germany (MIFF 2008 , Cannes Directors' Fortnight Tribute)
Director: Dušan Makavejev

“Maybe it is like a mirror. People hold it up to themselves and see reflected only what they are most offended by.” - filmmaker Dusan Makavejev

What does the energy harnessed through orgasm have to do with the state of communist Yugoslavia circa 1971? Dusan Makavejev's insanely brilliant comedy manages to draw this seemingly long bow. Inter-cutting documentary investigations into psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich with a narrative about a Yugoslav woman seducing a Russian iceskater, Makavejev manages to mould a thought-provoking entity from this psycho cinematic mash-up.

Banned in the filmmaker's homeland immediately after its release, WR - Mysteries of the Organism continues to entertain today. “A quintessential celluloid expression of sixties counterculture… a satire as funny as it is heartbreaking.” - Village Voice

Print courtesy of The National Film and Sound Archive
D/S Dusan Makavejev P Svetozar Udovicki WS Dusan Makavejev L English, Serbo-Croatian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1971/85mins


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