HORSEMAN, THE (2008) [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2008 , Nightshift)
Director: Steven Kastrissios

An act unforgiven. A father lost in grief - and driven to vengeance.

"The Horseman is a balls to the wall, edgy thriller. Think Get Carter in 'Stubbies' crossed with Tarantino."
- Greg McLean (director - Wolf Creek & Rogue)

As Christian travels through outback Australia, the recent death of his daughter plays heavy on his mind. Fuelled by an anonymous video he receives in the mail that shows her being mistreated before her demise, Christian is out of control with thoughts of grief and revenge.

Picking up troubled teen hitchhiker Alice, the two form an unlikely bond. But unbeknownst to Alice, with each stop they make the bodies pile up, as Christian leaves a trail of bloody retribution in his wake.

A distinctive blend of grisly action and tender drama, The Horseman is a unique Australian thriller featuring powerhouse performances from a relatively unknown cast. A harrowing exploration of grief, forgiveness and vengeance.

Steven Kastrissios is a guest of the festival.
D/P/S Steven Kastrissios WS Kastle Films TD digibeta/2008/94mins

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