EAT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY (2007) [feature]

France, Haiti (MIFF 2008 , Free Radicals)
Director: Michelange Quay

“A quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history.” - Variety

The debut feature for Haitian-born director Michelange Quay is a non-narrative visual splendour focused on the poorest country in the western hemisphere, exploring its colonial heritage and the long-standing mismatch of relations between black and white.

On a large plantation a pale old woman lays bedridden, removed from the local town and its people, her daughter (Sylvie Testud of La France) plays cat and mouse with a group of local orphan children and a servant mysteriously transforms from a black man into an albino with the power of voodoo.

“I wasn't thinking about who was going to taste the meal, I just wanted to make sure it tasted good, or about what new tastes I could find.” - filmmaker Michelange Quay
D/S Michelange Quay, P Tom Dercourt WS Memento Films International L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/105mins

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