PRODIGAL SONS (2008) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2009 , Documentaries)
Director: Kimberly Reed

Truth is truly stranger than fiction in this twisting American Gothic tale of sibling rivalry.

Having left her hometown two decades ago as the macho high school quarterback, Kimberley Reed documents her return as a woman - but her tale of transsexual acceptance is quickly trumped by some astonishing revelations concerning her estranged brother.

Defying the clichés of the point-of-view documentary, Reed offers a startlingly candid glimpse into the complicated web of love, trauma and resentment that binds her family together.

“Sometimes film does the simplest thing it has to offer: it shows us something that shocks and alarms us - and that doesn't have to be an ingredient from a horror picture. Horror can live in the mind of the beholder and it can be an everyday thing.” - Guardian

--- D/S Kimberly Reed P John Keitel, Kimberly Reed WS Louise Rosen Ltd TD digibeta/2008

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