ACTION BOYS (2008) [feature]

South Korea (MIFF 2009 , The Primal Screen)
Director: Byunggil JUNG

An endearing, tongue-in-cheek look at the action behind the action.

A former stuntman himself, Jeong Byeong-gil picks up a camera to document the unheralded heroes/lunatics of Korean cinema who - at the risk of broken bones, broken egos and even death - make the superstars look oh-so-good.

Following a handful of students-turned-graduates from the Seoul Action School, Action Boys ventures on-set to films like The Host (MIFF 06) and City of Violence, showing the physiological and psychological extremes the stunt men are subjected to, and giving an insight into the kind of complex planning that goes into executing the stunts.

"Many people think that stuntmen lead gloomy, miserable lives, so I wanted to tell the world that their lives are cheerful and bright.” - filmmaker Jeong Byeong-gil

--- D/S Byunggil JUNG P Jeanne Lee, Yonghui Lee WS KT&G Sangsangmadang/Innodis L Korean w/English subtitles TD HDCAM/2008

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