FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES (1969) [feature]

Japan (MIFF 2009 , Eros + Massacre)
Director: Toshio Matsumoto

“The child of a rich moment in history where all of the art forms commingled in an incredibly free playing field.” - Jim O'Rourke

At the forefront of Japan's 60s avant-garde film revolution was filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto, whose whirling maze of sex, surrealism and psychedelic pop-art visuals paints a retelling of the Greek legend of Oedipus, but with a decidedly gay bent.

The film follows transvestite Eddie as he moves through Shinjuku's no-holds-barred underground - a world loaded with sex, nudity, drugs and violence - and becomes embroiled in a complicated love-triangle that will ultimately climax in a shocking finale.

Marked both visually and aurally as one of the main influences of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Funeral Parade of Roses kicks at the fourth wall and chops away at reality to delight, enthral and unashamedly transgress.

--- D/S Toshio Matsumoto P Mitsuru Kudo, Keiko Machida WS Image Forum L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 16mm/1969

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