LETTER TO ANNA (2008) [feature]

Switzerland (MIFF 2009 , Documentaries)
Director: Eric Bergkraut

“[President of Chechnya] Kadyrov has publicly vowed to murder me… I have merely reported what I have witnessed, no more than that.” - Anna Politkovskaya, assassinated late-2006

In a political climate where more than a dozen Russian journalists had been killed for being 'off-side', Anna Politkovskaya remained committed to reporting the atrocities of Putin's policies in the Chechen war. For this, she was shot outside the lift of her apartment block in October 2006. Sadly, she knew her death was inevitable.

Narrated by Susan Sarandon, Eric Bergkraut's tribute to Politkovskaya is a socio-political reflection upon the personal and political consequences of maintaining journalistic integrity in Putin's Russia. Bergkraut weaves footage of Politkovskaya from his earlier film, Coca: The Dove from Chechnya, with interviews with friends, colleagues and family after her assassination.

--- D Eric Bergkraut P Eric Bergkraut, Thomas Kufus, Jaka Bizilj S Eric Bergkraut, Thérèse Obrecht Hodler WS Accent Films International L English, Russian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2008

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