THRILLER IN MANILA (2008) [feature]

UK (MIFF 2009 , Documentaries)
Director: John Dower

“It wasn't a fight for a belt; it was a war.” - Sundance Film Festival

Touted as ‘the greatest fight of all time', the Thriller in Manila held in 1975 was the third and final confrontation between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali - two titanic men, formerly friends, who harboured an intense personal hatred for each other.

Unlike past recollections of the clash, predominantly told from the famously vocal Ali's point of view, this documentary allows Frazier's side of the story to be put forward. Not only does filmmaker John Dower reveal Frazier as the unsung hero, he gives scale to the depths of the two men's rivalry and how it reflected the racial politics of 1970s America.

Voted documentary of the year for 2008 in The Times.

--- D/P/S John Dower Dist Shock Entertainment TD digibeta/2008

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