KISSES (2008) [feature]

Ireland (MIFF 2009 , Young Blood)
Director: Lance Daly

Two young runaways spend a night of adventure on the streets of inner-city Dublin.

On the city fringes, Kylie and Dylan live in a housing estate devoid of life and colour. When Dylan's father explodes in a rage one night, the pre-teen duo run away, setting out in search of Dylan's older brother and losing themselves in the magic of the city.

Seen through child-like eyes, Dublin's urban sprawl is a place of possibility and excitement. But as the night wears on it assumes a darker character, and Kylie and Dylan must rely on the kindness of strangers and their trust in each other to survive.

“With remarkably accomplished performances… and a most unique vision of Dublin, Kisses is sure to provoke emotions of enchantment, wonder and horror.” - Toronto Film Festival

--- D/S Lance Daly P Lance Daly, Macdara Kelleher Dist Madman Entertainment TD 35mm/2008

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