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An intensely immersive portrait of a dot com visionary you've probably never heard of.

In the 90s internet guru Josh Harris saw the future of technology and turned the online landscape into his own Warholian canvas. Experimenting not only with the possibilities of the medium but also with the virtual reality guinea pigs he called his friends (many of them art world luminaries), Harris eventually came crashing down.

Documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner (Join Us, DiG!) has had unparalleled access to Harris's visionary yet ill-fated online works over the last ten years, including a project that saw dozens of citizens living under surveillance in a NYC bunker.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2009.

Director Ondi Timoner is a guest of the Festival.

“Burrows into the thin and darkly funny spaces between artistry and vanity, isolation and community, collaboration and exploitation, sanity and madness.” - Variety

--- D Ondi Timoner P Ondi Timoner, Keirda Bahruth WS Celsius Entertainment TD HDCAM/2009