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Young. Real. Naive.

In 1999, 21-year-old Jesse Martin became the youngest person ever to sail solo, non stop and unassisted around the world. On his return he took four other young people sailing on what was planned to be a three-year voyage, stopping at the world's most remote and beautiful places. Dubbing the trip the ‘Journey of Young People', Martin intended to make a 13-part documentary series to help fund the voyage. But his crew were quickly stripped of their idealism, and plunged into reality as sickness, tension and infighting turned the trip of a lifetime into a hell ride.

At times reckless, sometimes wise, but always bravely honest, Martin leads his crew on a downward spiral, finally realising a painful reality - the journey of young people will always be to grow up.

--- D Jesse Martin, Josh Schmidt P Jesse Martin, Josh Schmidt WS Imajica Media TD digibeta/2009