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“It was so direct, so musically inventive, so improvised… totally in your face.” - Nick Cave

One of the most innovative and inspirational artists of the last 30 years, Mark Stewart brought his revolutionary Bristolian punk ethic to the masses, kicking off a music scene that would morph and change - producing groups like Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky. From the early days of The Pop Group to the super funked-up dub massacre of The Maffia, this documentary gives a unique new insight into Stewart, and his long-term work with On-U Sound Records.

On|Off incorporates dynamic performance footage of Stewart, and interviews with collaborators and those influenced by his distinctive brand of music, including Nick Cave, Massive Attack, Adrian Sherwood and Daniel Miller.

--- D/P Toni Schiffer WS Monitorpop TD digibeta/2009