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Traces briefly the history of the animated cartoon. Discusses the purpose of caricature giving an animal a man's mind and behaviour.. Includes excerpts from Drama Among the Puppets (France 1908), an Otto Herman treatment (Germany pre-1914), a Mutt and Jeff cartoon (Bud Fisher, America 1916, ) a Popeye Cartoon (Max Fleischer, America 1930's), and cartoons starring Felix the Cat (Pat Sullivan's creation) and Bonzo the comic dog (English), Stork Exchange, one of the last silent cartoons (Charles Mint), Steamboat Willie, the sound cartoon which in 1928 introduced Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, Skeleton Dance, a 1929 "Silly Symphony" (Disney), Fantouche (France 19081, and Joie De Vivre (Gross and Hoppin, France 1933).