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It all starts around a maple tree in Connecti¬cut, moved to a Paris studio &ndash: to a rooftop in Zurich, to a palazzo in Venice &ndash: to a villa in the South of France &ndash: to a swimming pool in Stamford. Conn. &ndash: and back to tire big maple tree. A trip to round up a fairytale for adults which mixed equal parts of Freud and Lewis Carroll with Venice. Virgins, Vienna and Venus, Cocteau and bullfights, surrealism, magic and beautiful women.

It is a "Chess Sonata for Film," eight improvisations with a prologue and epilogue, on the game of chess, in which kings and queens, knights and bishops, castles and pawns are played by a host of stars, internationally famous artists. Sight and sound not only out of this world but probably not even heard in the next.

8x8 gives free play to the imagination and stimulates your own. Symbols are sometimes obvious, sometimes baffling. The telephone, the call of the outer world of reality, struggles with the flute, the inner voice, the unconscious &ndash: suitcases stand for "all your belongings" etc.

8 x 8 is a film for cinema addicts and all those who believe in the uninhibited use of the still unexplored film medium.