HARRY MUNTER (1970) [Feature]

Sweden (MIFF 1971 , Programme 11)
Director: Kjell Grede

Harry Munter is a dreamy, precocious youth. He's also rather a genius, having invented some kind of electronic equipment which has come to the notice of an American company.

Last year Harry went through the process of acquiring book knowledge. Now he's learning about life and death. And particularly, about love. Death frightens and fascinates him. Meanwhile, he attempts to work out whom he likes and why. In the midst of Harry's emotional discoveries, a representative of the American company arrives to invite the family to the United States to pay for Harry's education.

His parents are delighted at the prospect. Their marriage has become bogged down. A big, fat, optimistic fellow, Harry's father longs to get the opportunity "to kiss life smack in the face” but mostly finds himself “kissing it in the ass".

His wife feels she is a little too good for what he has to offer, and dreams of a man who can change her and make her into what she believes she has the potential for.

But Harry is reluctant to leave. For the first time he has discovered two people who really need him.

One, a drunken former soccer player, full of memories of cheering crowds, but now so lonely that fear is his only company. The other, a young lonely woman who claims to be chased by a man whom Harry never sees, and whose very existence he questions.

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