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Bitter, unrequited love is the theme of this film. Fclicja is loved by thousands of listeners, she plays in a radio serial about an average Warsaw family. She has her fans abroad too, and is invited to Paris for a holiday. It is her first trip outside Poland and on the flight she recalls the past; how, as a budding actress, her role as Ophelia never got beyond dress rehearsal in 1939: her sacrifices during the occupa­tion to hide Wiktor, the worthless man she loved and the consequences of her action: finally, the achievement of her present popularity.

The film was directed by Has, whose best known previous film is Farewells. Produced by "Kamera", a small Polish group which also made Knife in the Water, this film stars Barbara Krafftowna, who creates a heroine without heroics, a really indomit­able personality in spite of her domination by others. Wiktor is played by Cybuiski, known from Ashes and Diamonds amongst others. Together they make How To Be Losed, Polish irony in full meas­ure.