SWORDS OF DEATH (1970) [Feature]

Japan (MIFF 1972 )
Director: Uchida Tomu

Musashi Miyamoto, a young swords-ran, visits Baiken Shishido, a warrior renowned for his fighting skill with chain and sickle. While the two are chatting over a drink, Baiken discovers rat Musashi has killed his brother-in-law in a fight, but feigns ignorance id invites him to stay for the night.

During the evening Baiken gathers his men around the house and prepares to surprise Musashi at dawn. Musashi, however, senses the plot and confronts the assailants outside. Baiken's men attack first but e soon defeated. Then Baiken and s wife, armed with the chain and sickle, fall on Musashi from both sides. It is the first time that Musashi has had to face this kind of capon in combat, and does not row how to defend himself. a manoeuvre to save himself, he surprises Baiken's wife who is carrying a baby on her back, and takes the child hostage...

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