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Krzysztof Janota, the discharged coach of a third-league sports club, comes to a high school in a medium- sized city and takes the job of physical education teacher. He quickly
becomes aware that physical education has been neglected and decides to take steps to get students and staff interested in sport. He also makes the acquaintance of the manager of an industrial plant whom he persuades to finance the purchase of necessary equipment. His activity soon brings results.

The apple of his eye is the handball team and he devotes a lot of time to coaching it. One of the team members is an eminently gifted lad to whom the coach decides to devote more attention. However, the boy is also the member of a musical ensemble, whose leisure time is entirely given over to
rehearsals. Thus, sport and music begin gradually to collide.

Among the teaching staff it is the history teacher who stands out. He is more or less the same age as Janota and he has an open, almost comradely attitude towards his pupils. He teaches them not only the subject, but also the ability to make one's own choices and
to think in an independent way. But the more the influence of the teacher of history on the youths declines, the more strenuous is Janota's activity.

"The questions posed by the film do not refer only to a school environment but have a more universal meaning. This is a conflict between individual and social interests, a moral reflection on success from the point of view of individual advantages achieved at the
cost of other, more sensitive human beings, on the careers of people who personify a threat to social safety; that is, problems which may refer to any society or community wherever they

Jacek Tabecki Polish Film