Portrait of Nelson Mandela (1980) [Short]

Netherlands (MIFF 1981 )
Director: Frank Diamond

A short film on the life of the charismatic leader of the African National Congressof South Africa. Mandela, a long time adherent of non-violent action against the "apartheid" regime. became in 1961 (one year after Sharpeville), one of the founders of the military wing of the ANC, the spear of Ihe Nation" He went underground, was caught and in 1964 got a life sentence. Ever since. Mandela has been imprisoned at Hobben Island, a small rocky island northwest of Capetown. His unbroken spirit is a symbol of the resistance in South Africa. The film. originally produced for television, was completed this year and had its first performance at a Solidarity meeting in the Houses of Parliament in London last Spring.

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