People's Republic of China (MIFF 1983 )
Director: Yang Yanjin

Narrow Street is the story of two youths, Xia, an easy going, good-humoured mechanic, and Yu, who is rather shy and delicate.

They first met in the late sixties, during the chaotic days of the “Cultural Revolution” in China.

The chaos and desperation around them strengthens their friendship, but one day Xia discovers that his friend actually a girl. Yu then tells him her story - the sufferings of her family, why she had to disguise herself. When Xia tries to find a wig for her, he is badely beaten, and by the time he leaves teh hospital, Yu had disapeared.

Ten years pass, the revolution has come to an end. The film ends with different conclusions, and no definite answer. What has become of Yu, what has become of a whole generation? This question remains open, and the society of modern China has not found the answers yet.

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