A TIME TO DIE (1985) [Feature]

Columbia/Cuba (MIFF 1986 )
Director: Jorge Ali Triana

Based on an original screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A TIME TO DIE is the first film from Colombian director Jorge Ali Triana.

Juan Sayago has just been released from an 18 year |ail sentence for murdering a man he once argued with at a cockfight. Returning to his village, Juan encounters Mien and Pedro Moscote —the sons of the man he murdered — who are waiting (as the unwritten laws of machismo decree), to revenge their slain father. The entire town is aware of the Moscotes' plans, but Juan refuses to leave. Nobody is prepared to prevent the inevitable: the obstinate, elder brother julien is determined to have his revenge. Julien, however, is also about to learn that the fear of killing is even worse than the fear of dying.

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