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Invited to Cannes this year, this telemovie draws sees the collaboration of a number of creative talents. Director Jane Campion recently distinguished herself by being invited to — and winning — the Cannes short film competition for her student film, PEEL. Producer jan Campion has been involved in the popular Sweet and Sour series and with several other ABC TV drama productions. Scriptwriter Helen Garner has been an established and respected novelist in Australia for some years. Many of the crew involved in the production had worked on the prestigious ABC series. SCALES OF JUSTICE
Covering five time periods in the lives of two teenage girls. TWO FRIENDS reveals its narrative in reverse chronological order. Deliberately unconventional for a telemovie. the film is largely shot in static wide shots. Director lane Campion said. "It's much more like a tableau than is traditional for television, a lot of wide shots and playing with keeping the frame and letting people move in and out of it." Producer |an Campion cites )im jarmusch's STRANGER THAN PARADISE as an influence on the visual style.