Belgium (MIFF 1987 )
Director: André Delvaux

Don Giovanni, Mozart's famous opera, had its world premiere in October, 1787, exactly 200 years ago. The latest work from Belgium's internationally known director, Andre Delvaux, concerns an ambitious open-air production of the work.

Set in the loveliest, most mysterious countryside of the land of Breughel and Bosch, the film traces parallels between the operatic characters and the production team for the proiect.

Francois, whose proiect it is, is married to Sandra, but tries to have an affair with Stephane, enraging both Sandra and his assistant Ben, who is in love with Stephane himself. Delvaux, a master of image, gives an unoriginal plot new dimensions, and the sinister locations north of Antwerp become a central element of the story. David Stratton described it in Variety as "... impeccable... a mood piece which may move too slowly for many but those who surrender to its style will be well rewarded..."

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