USA (MIFF 1987 )
Director: Yvonne Rainer

"After four months of living together, his reason for starting an affair was that I didn't love him... how that reserve, shyness and independence became evidence of indifference is beyond me..."

Jack Deller, a professor of Foucauldian and Lacanian theory, is left by his artist wife after four years of marriage. Deller (a euphemism for 'Tell Her') is played by two actors instead of one. He is a complacent womaniser facing a mid-life crisis. He spends a great deal of time with hts therapist, and sits in front of a projection screen which displays everything from forties melodramas to splatter films - all underlining Deller's observations on his love for women. In voice-over on the soundtrack, his wife discourses on sexual politics, menopause, her anxieties about an impending eviction from her New York loft, her thoughts on reaching the age of 50.

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