Sweden (MIFF 1973 )
Director: Vilgot Sjöman

Whilst filming what was to have been a single feature called / Am Curious, director Sjoman found that he could not adequately say all that he wished within a single film of ordinary length. / Am Curious - Blue became the sequel to / Am Curious - Yellow. (Yellow and blue are the colours of the Swedish flag.)

As in the Yellow film, Sjoman's attention is upon Lena who is again exploring her values, sexual, political and social. However, here her affair with Borje merely provides a frame within which the central issues of the film can be examined. A chance meeting in Stockholm leads to Lena's involvement with Hans, before she heads off into rural Sweden in search of her mother. Along the way she encounters a singer, Sonja, and their friendship develops, but it is not long before Lena retreats to the company of Hans and his mistress, Bim. Her developing frustrations force her to face the truth about her conception of the world.

Again, the contacts between Lena and her director, Sjoman, and co-star, Borje, are revealed as the film fluctuates between various levels of reality.

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