TAKE TWO (1972) [Feature]

Israel (MIFF 1973 )
Director: Baruch Dienar

Baruch Dienar's Take Two, flavoured by its gentle pop score, is essentially a comedy, the source of which is to be found in the whims of its characters, as well as in the fun at the expense of the glossy world of advertising.

A semi-naked girl, bathed in a beautiful sunset, emerges magically from the sea, and walks into a lush setting of green foliage. Her gift is her well-defined sexuality, which is born from the melange of toiletries which surrounds her. This is Doron's world, the world of the glossy commercial, into which comes Sunny Lee Jones, an idealistic young American girl, whose experience in still-photography has led her to seek out the possibilities of the cinema.

Doron, however, is only interested in himself: his days are devoted to his film making, his nights to his everchanging glamorous partners in bed. Jones works herself into his world and comes to share his days and nights, only to discover that appearances can be deceptive. Her disillusionment, when she finds how he has been fabricating 'reality' for his films, is matched by her humiliation when her declaration of love is met with coldness, and she flees from him in her bitter disappointment . ..

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