SWEET MOVIE (1974) [Feature]

France, West Germany, Canada (MIFF 1975 )
Director: Dušan Makavejev

This film follows Dusan Makavejev's origina! and successful comedy, WR: Mysteries of the Organism. He has since been prevented from making further films in Yugoslavia, and Sweef Movie is his first picture made in the West, a French-Canadian production.

The richest man in the world is looking for a virgin to marry, but his chosen bride finds her own sensual satisfaction with a woman who sings revolutionary songs and pilots a boat called Survival, with a giant head of Karl Marx on the prow, Mr Dollars, though, prepares for the wedding and buys up fantastic gifts. He explains that he is buying the Niagara Falls from the Canadian government. He plans to stop their wild torrent and create a quadrophonic extravaganza. His wedding present to his intended bride is a gift house wrapped in bright plastic, and tied with a ribbon. But Jeremiah Muscle snatches the girl away to his hideout shaped like a milk bottle. He takes her out of Canada in a red suitcase to Paris. There, on the Eiffel Tower, she loses her virginity to a romantic Mexican. She is adopted by a loosely organized commune whose members seek liberation in orgies of food elimination.

The film's producers say in their attempted synopsis: 'In Sweef Movie we intend to do away with any dialogues having scientific, political or melodramatic abstractions and to concern ourselves to the utmost with only Positive Human Life, Human Sensuality, Delights and Gratifications. Conflicts, horrors and troubles, indispensable for dramatic reasons, to keep the film from ending too soon, shall be retained only as such, as Springboards to Pleasure and Well-being.'

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