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Vincent, Francois and Paul are good friends; they spend their weekends together, and their wives get on well. But slowly the lives of these middle-aged characters disintegrate. Vincent (Yves Montand) finds his business is running into severe problems; his wife leaves him on account of his mistress who also begins to drift away from him. Francois (Michel Piccoli) is a doctor who, too, is having difficulties in his relationship with his wife. Paul (Serge Reggiani), is a failed writer who has, at least for the moment, found a woman who loves him. Director Claude Sautet meticulously chronicles the manners and mores of this middle-class, middle-aged life-style, as his three characters find that in all their troubles, only their friendship remains firm.

'Montand is developing into a character actor of shrewd range, with Piccoli his usual effective self and Reggiani excellent as the more good natured, more settled member of the gang.'

Mosk, Variety