Finland (MIFF 1976 )
Director: Jörn Donner

Jörn Donner has condensed some sixteen hours of conversation with Ingmar Bergman into this hour-and-a-half profile of the Swedish film director. Bergman talks about his films, his way of life, his childhood. He recalls his youth, the often humiliating rituals forced on him by his parents, and his months spent in Nazi Germany. Donner does not allow the usual distraction of cutting to excerpts from Bergman's films, and the focus remains tightly on the interview. Bergman, usually reticent, talks freely with Donner and offers compelling insights into the creation of his own films.

'A fascinating unfolding of a hermetic man as well as an important document (it will eventually be published) on a filmic talent's formative thoughts.'

Hawk, Variety

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