PARTNERS (1976) [Feature]

Canada (MIFF 1977 )
Director: Don Owen

A young American street hustler, Paul, is hired by a multi-national company to steal information about a large Canadian business. The American corporation intends to buy out the company, a pulp and paper firm that belongs to an old moneyed family. The spy falls in love with the company president's daughter, Heather, who is fascinated by his fast, rootless life-style, and even joins him on a dope running venture across the Canadian-American border. For his part, he discovers something of the history and style of patrician establishment families, and begins to have doubts about his industrial espionage. When he attempts to untangle himself from his employers, he learns how far they are prepared to go in order to take over Heather's family company. Through her relationship with him, though, she develops the maturity and qualities needed to resist this intrigue when it becomes tragically clear to her how unscrupulous the American business interests are.

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