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"I often think [for] the best part of our lives we are enjoying just feeling so much alive and yet so many people [are] dying. A bit of a paradox, isn't it - Gloria Gear (ex A.W.L.A)

Thanks Girls and Goodbye is a documentary about a group of women who worked on farms during World War Two in Australia - "the land girls ". Officially established by the government in 1942, the Australian Women's Land Army was set up to help fill the shortage of manpower on farms. Their story is symbolic of a far greater number of women who participated in the vital war activity of food production.

This documentary looks beyond women and work to broader questions about war and relationships between people in a war atmosphere. Through interviews with former Land Army members, experiences and attitudes emerge which often differ. In other ways too Thanks Girls and Goodbye raises dilemmas and contradictions in viewing the past.

Thanks Girls and Goodbye is an entertaining film combining the vitality of home movies, snapshots and original Land Army songs with archival newsreels and official photographs