USA (MIFF 1989 , Children's Film Festival)
Director: Jerry Rees

Life can get really boring if all you do is stand and wait for someone to come along and give you something to do. That's how it is for the things in a summer house in the country, who have been waiting for years for their master Rob to come by in the holidays, so they can do what they do best. The air conditioning unit would see to the fresh air, the vacuum cleaner would swallow up all the dirt, the toaster would spit out toasted bread, the radio would fill the air with news and music, the lamp would dispense bright light and the electric blanket would cuddle up to the master and give out lots of warmth

Dreams, all dreams, that will never happen.

The lamp, the radio, the toaster, the electric blanket and the vacuum cleaner are all determined to take action by themselves and go to look for their master in the town They encounter many problems on the way and they all owe their survival to the bold little toaster.

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