MYSTERIES OF JULY (1991) [Feature]

UK (MIFF 1992 , Documentaries)
Director: Reece Auguiste

The documentary form is under review. Audiences do not need to accept the tired formulae which television imposes on docu­mentary filmmakers. The tyranny is powerful, and well established in Australia.

This documentary from the Black Audio Film Collective in London, with its carefully constructed images, impressionistic tableaux (acts of mourning in themselves), and dramatic reconstructions that combine with traditional documentary interviews, bypasses the pre­dictable in its enquiry into police powers and the criminal justice system.

An examination of deaths in custody on mainland Britain, it explores themes of terror, death and the private world of mourning. It is an elegy to the dead, bearing witness to the struggles of families and lovers who are left to try and understand what happened. • Gregory Miller

BAFC founder John Akomfrah is a Festival guest and will introduce this screening.

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