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The bar room is reflected in the mirror, like a scene from Manet's Bar at The Folies Bergere," but it isn't a mirror it's a hologram.

Paula Dawson travels on a train through strange territory and leads us, the other passengers, through the equally strange high tech territory of her art form, her vision and her philosophy of time and space shift, memory, and reflection.

Confused? You really need to hear Paula explain it. She is considered Australia's leading holographic sculptor and has exhibited her works in Japan, USA, France, Germany, Canada, as well as Australia.

Her installation was selected as one of forty works exhibited at ARTEC '89, a high tech international art exhibition and competition associated with the 1st International Biennale in Nagoya, Japan where it won the joint Grand Prix, despite strong competition. The film is an exploration of the intricacies pertaining to a unique artistic mode and a unique artistic vision. (G.M.)