Australia (MIFF 1995 , Documentaries)
Director: Brian McKenzie

Pat and Eddy's three teenage children, Bradley, Michelle and Darren are growing up not necessarily according to Pat and Eddy's wishes. Their time is taken up with cars, boyfriends, musical ambitions, sports injuries and whether to stay at school or go to work. The kids are losing interest in the down-at-heel coun­try races, the long boring drives to the track and their mum and dad's unending excuses about why their dogs mostly come last.

In Brian McKenzie's hallmark style, this gentle and absorbing documentary delves into the rela­tions within a family as they grapple with differ­ences and inescapable change.

Pat and Eddy's loving and gallant efforts to train their 'give away' dogs and race them to vic­tory is observed in tandem with their endeav­ours to provide for their children, keep up with what they are doing and to give them a good start in life. But sometimes for Pat and Eddy it seems easier to understand why a dog doesn't win than it is to understand their children.

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