MY SECRET CACHE (1996) [Feature]

Japan (MIFF 1997 , Young Asian Cinema)
Director: Shinobu Yaguchi

A rollicking Celtic music soundtrack sets the mood for this zany comedy about a young woman's obsession with money. Since child­hood the only thing that has interested apathetic Sakiko is counting money, so the job she takes as a bank teller after graduating from high school initially seems like bliss. However she quickly tires of handling other people's savings and starts dreaming of a way out.

Fate intervenes when she is taken hostage during a bank robbery. When the getaway car plunges into a ravine in an isolated wilderness area, the robbers are killed but Sakiko survives and avoids drowning by clinging onto a suitcase. As she recovers from her drama, she hears that the money from the robbery has not been found, and recalls the suitcase that now lays at the bottom of a subterranean pool. In an instant she snaps out of her apathy and sets off to get her hands on the loot, her new found energy astounding everyone around her. Driven by no greater ambition than her lust for money she doggedly achieves amazing feats as she pre­pares to recover the cache. A goofy, funny story that parodies the aspirations of the Japanese middle class

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