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Thank God He Met Lizzie has a universal theme, yet is unlike any other Australian film. Guy is in his early thirties and looking for that elusive beast - the perfect life partner. The trouble is that he's trying too hard; popularity at parties doesn't translate into fun. So are Guy's match­making friends, by lining him up with a string of disastrous dates.

The more Guy seeks, the less he finds. Until he tracks down the owner of a very pregnant cat, who turns out to be a beautiful, stylish 30 year old doctor. In no time at all the wedding plans are announced: Guy can't believe his luck.

Then, on the big day, Guy is plagued by mem­ories of his old girlfriend Jenny, with whom he lived throughout his twenties. The schmaltzy tunes and romantic trimmings evoke memories of Jenny instead of his imagined future with Lizzie, whom he realises is virtually a stranger. Guy must face up to his cherished illusions about relationships.

Funny, intelligent and very contemporary, the film's uniqueness lies in its subtle treatment of serial monogamy. Director Cherie Nowlan has captured a seminal experience in peoples' lives; the tension between private love and its public celebration.