HUMAN TORNADO (1974) [Feature]

USA (MIFF 1998 , Funky! Freaky! Foxy! - Blaxploitation Cinema)
Director: Cliff Roquemore

Gratuitous use of disco mirror balls, fake furs, big butts and the word 'muthafucker'. Welcome to the rhinestone world of Rudy Ray Moore. Entrepreneurial brother from Planet Black. Incomprehensible, potent, hedonistic, crazed, downright rude. But he runs the show. A live comedian whose dirty records sold enough for him to make his own raunchy action movies - starring him and his beautiful black butt. An ego out of control. A fashion stylist gone mad. A karate expert in his dreams. Rudy Ray Moore films have no plot - they only have a throbbing, chubby centre: Rudy Ray Moore. His voice, his body, his presence. Whitey is portrayed as retardo hillbillies or lisping queens. The revenge of years of black caricatures. All Elvis got was a picture of himself holding an honorary FBI badge with Nixon. Rudy Ray Moore created himself as Dolemite - the most foul-mouthed wanna-be action stud ever. Dig it or drop dead. - Philip Brophy

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