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Rose Troche (Go Fish, MIFF 1994) has crafted an excel­lent comedy of manners and sex in the nervous 90s. Bedrooms and Hallways—which received the Audience Award at the London Film Festival—focuses on Leo (Kevin McKidd, Trainspotting) a young gay man living in a share apartment with his friends and confidants, Darren and Angie. On the eve of his 30th birthday, Leo resolves to leave behind his history of casual sex and failed relationships. He doesn't get too much support from the impish Darren, who is happy carrying on a bizarre affair with real estate agent Jeremy (Hugo Weaving in top form), whereby they access vacant posh homes for steamy sex sessions.

Leo is roped into a ludicrous male discussion group, where he meets—and quickly falls for—hand­some Irishman Brendan. After a wild-man camping weekend when Leo and Brendan become an item, the film kicks into comic overdrive with the arrival of old school chum Sally. Sally, it transpires has a coinciden­tal past with both men.