TOTAL LOSS (2000) [Feature]

Netherlands (MIFF 2000 , International Panorama)
Director: Dana Neuchushtan

A Festival sleeper, this taut Dutch thriller combines a unique structure with exceptional visual flair. Opening with a spectacular car crash in a surreal traffic tunnel, Total Loss is told in a series of flashbacks not dissimilar to the superb Australian drama, The Boys. Truth and murderous fiction blur and quite simple relationships take on sinister overtones. Duco, the insufferably perfect son of a wealthy industrialist, is a successful young doctor. He is hiding his gay lifestyle from overbearing parents, and his fiancee. Duco has chosen New Year's Eve 2000 to come out at his parent's glamorous party. Reinier—Duco's 'house guest' with a past that may involve drug smuggling, prison and a particularly viscous murder—will play the part of boyfriend. When the pair save a potential OD victim, Jeroen, and allow him to stay with them, their relationship and life begins to fracture. Commencing 85 minutes before midnight (and played out in real time) Total Loss becomes an edge of the seat suspense drama as the clock ticks toward the new millennium. Free up your diary now.

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