BAD COMPANY (1999) [Feature]

France (MIFF 2000 , Towering Over The Eiffel – New French Cinema)
Director: Jean-Pierre Ameris

"It is a film so unexpectedly shocking that it could turn into a dinner party talking point"—Screen International

Closely resembling Lars Von Trier's Breaking the Waves thematically, Bad Company is the gripping tale of Delphine, a shy and naive 15-year-old from a 'proper' family, who falls helplessly in love with a ne'er-do-well school classmate, Laurent. Meeting at a school dance, the two young lovers begin to lead double lives—Delphine starts to run with a different crowd at school, while Laurent hatches a diabolical plot to escape from the confines of their small town. With a knockout performance by Maud Forget as Delphine and a stunning plot twist, Bad Company is a must see. Miss it at your peril!

"Sensitive handling of difficult subject matter by director Jean-Pierre Ameris makes Bad Company a superb exploration of the dynamics of adolescent life. With its hormonal, psychological, and social pressures it pushes toward the absolute and the extreme."—Sundance Film Festival

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