USA (MIFF 2000 , Documentaries)
Director: Cass Paley

The biggest (judged by both fame and, um, endowment) porn star ever was a valued LAPD informant, coke fiend and accessory to one of the City of Angels most brutal multiple murders! Cass Paley's eye-popping documentary covers every aspect of the strange case of John C. Holmes, a hick whose bizarre life story formed the basis for the Dirk Diggler character in the hit Boogie Nights.

Realising he had but one (hidden) talent. Holmes (who also starred in the only 3D Porn film ever made, Disco Girls in Hot Skin) embarked on a career in porn in the late 60s when the actors, producers and directors still considered exposing flesh as revolutionary act-sticking it to the man...so to speak. Holmes rose to the top in a series of films that mixed comedy, action and lashings of sex. Unfortunately, he began to believe that he was Johnny Wadd, the tough guy Private Dick he portrayed on screen. There, his troubles began. Comic, tragic, exceptionally weird and fabulous fun, Wadd performs like a stallion.

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