FAITHLESS (2000) [Feature]

Sweden (MIFF 2001 , International Panorama)
Director: Liv Ullmann

Ingmar Bergman's touch resonates throughout this intense look at a marriage, its failure and the impact of the characters' subsequent actions. Directed by long time Bergman collaborator and one time lover Uv Ullmann this is a sensitive film that examines each person and their actions regarding marriage, adultery, parenthood and the casualties of sexual warfare. In Faithless, love and sex are matters of life and death Bergman first brought this story to the screen in Scenes from a Marriage later devoting to it a chapter of his autobiography.

At 82, he visits it again as a savage domestic tragedy. The film chronicles Bergman's extra mantal affair with journalist Gun Hagberg. The couple entered into a passionate affair, beginning with a long tryst in Pans and continuing after their return to Sweden, where she was pregnant with his child A bitter wrangle with her husband over custody of their child ensued One night, Hagberg's husband proposed meeting to discuss an amicable solution. He was lying: he would settle with her only if she would sleep with him again Hagberg succumbed to what amounted to a form of rape Beautifully composed and passionately performed. This is an unanswerably powerful film."— The Guardian

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