THE WRESTLERS (2000) [Feature]

India (MIFF 2001 , International Panorama)
Director: Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Uttara is the stylised reaction of Indian director Buddhadeb Dasgupta to the outbursts of religious fundamentalism and intolerance in both the East and West. In addition, the film is an intriguing ode to the millions of people in developing countries who are not taken seriously because they are illiterate, politically naive and superstitious, but distinguish themselves through their capacity to love and suffer. Uttara chronicles sexual jealousy in an idyllic Bengali village. Two lonely railway employees spend their spare time wrestling each other in friendly bouts. A fateful love triangle develops when one of the wrestlers marries a woman with whom both are smitten. Uttara is a winner of the Special Director's Award and also garnered a nomination for a Golden Lion for Best Film at the Venice 2000 Film Festival.

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