THEY CALL THIS... SPRING (2001) [Feature]

France (MIFF 2001 , International Panorama)
Director: Hervé Le Roux

Do you know the story of the three little pigs that go from one house to the next looking for somewhere to stay? That's more or less how it starts. Fanfan leaves her boyfriend Charles and tries to move in with her girlfriend, Joss. That wouldn't be a problem, if it weren't for the fact that just at that moment, Joss is leaving her home, her husband, Paul and her little daughter, Lise. Joss and Fanfan have no choice but to knock on the door of Fanfan's sister Manu. who offers them shelter . but then Mytch. her husband, throws them all out on the street. Our three little piglets, Fanfan. Manu and Joss, continue on their crusade while the three big bad wolves. Charles, Paul and Mytch join forces to trace the fugitives. And then we come across two lovers, who will join forces with the girls in the battle of the sexes. As we all know, you can do just about anything with big bad wolves, as long as you show a little goodwill. But then it all has to end as a comedy —Rotterdam Film Festival

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