Estonia (MIFF 2001 , Animation Gallery)
Director: Riho Unt

Take Wallace And Grommit. add drunken misbehaviour, slapstick violence and smutty humour and you'd go close to Saamuel's Adventures. This riotous Estonian animated series, features a moonshine making farmer and pisstakes of more Hollywood blockbusters than you could shake a lawsuit at.

In 1993's Cabbage Head, Saamuel swipes a giant vegetable from a neighbour's yard with the intention of taking off the cash prize at the local fair and upgrading his vodka still. After making a number of brash claims at a local strip club, word gets out about Saamuel's 'treasure'. Soon, the US government, the KGB and the Chinese are in hot pursuit of the mutant cabbage. An Estonian ZZ Top in drag and more urination jokes than it's polite to mention.

Cabbage Head 2: Back To Europe (1997) sees Saamuel refused a tab at his local. Once more on the prowl for a get-rich scheme, he discovers oil on his farm. Saamuel puts his long-suffering wife (Sheepface), to work while he soaks up the good life and plenty of booze.

Saamuel's Internet, this year's brand new adventure, sees our intrepid yokel surfing the net for porn before a bizarre electrical accident transports him into the Web. Saamuel decides that what the net needs is a new strip club. Virus hunting Men In Black arrive for a death ray showdown with our favourite Estonian. Unmissable!

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