USA (MIFF 2001 , Documentaries)

A terrifying glimpse inside America's extreme anti- abortion movement. This chilling documentary infiltrates a menagerie of unapologetic activists and assassins, and reveals extreme personalities with a murderous commitment to the pro-life cause. From hecklers outside family planning clinics to compounds in the deep south, where bombings, shootings and arson are planned like military operations.

The directors profile some very cunning media manipulators and religious leaders who present the supposedly sane face of a militia movement, living by the creed: "kill one, scare 1000"! Unsurprisingly, when the filmmakers probe deep enough, they discover that the Army of God are also anti-gay, anti-women's rights and anti-Jewish. With a formidable net presence, powerful political lobby groups, nationwide networks of operatives and cash, this is one far right, gun-toting, flag flying collective, with a lethal agenda. First rate investigative filmmaking.

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