Leaving the Earth [Short]

USA (MIFF 2002 , Eyeball to Eyeball 2: Errol Morris Returns)
Director: Errol Morris

Denny Fitch experienced both the worst and best luck in his life in a same hour. A veteran pilot, seated as a DC-10 passenger flying home from work, Fitch was called upon to assist the crew of the ill-fated United flight 232. The plane experienced technical problems so extreme that the chances of the circumstances occurring were rated one in a billion, and hence never prepared for. The control tower even acknowledged that 'they were talking to dead men' when the jet called in their situation. The disaster - a gigantic fireball skidding through a Sioux City cornfield - claimed the lives on 111 of 296 souls aboard. The survivors owe their lives to Fitch's invaluable help, which turned certain death into a miracle.

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